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Discovering Moorer 2 Life

A community based nonprofit organization

OUR MISSION is to design essential, comprehensive programs and services that will enhance the lives of minorities who live with chronic illnesses and rare diseases. We model a person-centered approach by creating a culture of health education, health literacy, health promotion, and enhanced lifestyle. We empower individuals to take ownership of their health and health outcomes.

OUR VISION is to influence healthcare policy by presenting evidence-based solutions that have positively changed minority health outcomes. A change in healthcare policy for minorities means eliminating the health disparities, the stigma, and the biases that negatively impact those living with chronic illnesses and rare diseases. We envision a more equitable, just, and diversified healthcare system inclusive of all illnesses regardless of socioeconomic status.

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Our Story

Discovering Moorer2life is an emerging Community Based Organization (CBO) that operates as a 501c3 non-profit organization. It was founded in 2022 by Andre and Cynthia Moorer to educate, elevate and empower the Black and Brown communities that live with Chronic Illnesses and Rare diseases.

DiscoveringMoorer2 life is a spiritual awakening birthed after the death of our son. Our lives are built on experiences and our emotions correlate with those experiences. For anyone that  experiences the death of a child goes against our natural understanding of life. When my son’s death occurred, it was nothing less than horrific, tragic, and life-altering. Three out of four of our kids live with a chronic Illness.  We have another son that was diagnosed with a mental health diagnosis and a daughter diagnosed with breast cancer.  My question to God at that time was “Why God, why.”

Well, he revealed to me so vividly, OUR calling.  So here we are, ready to pursue the plan God has ordained for us.the Legacy of Andre Moorer Jr. Being a minority in this world, this society has created a mindset of chronic illness.

Chains of Poverty, chains of addiction, chains of abusive behavior, chains of insecurity, self-doubt, helplessness, chains of mental illness, and chains of despair.


Cynthia Moorer – Executive Director

Cynthia Moorer is a Christian and immolates her walk-in life with a spiritual foundation. She is a wife, a nurse, and a mother with 4 children, 3 of whom live with chronic illnesses. Cynthia is an Advocate for change.  She has championed a spirit of unconditional love, caring, and concern for her patients as well as all those living with adverse health challenges. Her 35 years as a nurse allowed her to experience all levels of health inequities, especially when it came to people of color and socioeconomic barriers. She is all too familiar with the struggles of illness/ disease, stigma, biases, and health disparities.

Cynthia is currently the Advocacy Chair of The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) in DeKalb County Georgia. She spearheads this Advocacy Committee for the purpose of building community capacity. In her previously held position of Board President, her leadership helped to execute Nami Dekalb’s mission and establish Nami Dekalb as a 501c3 to advance the organization.  Cynthia is a Servant Leader educating and advocating for individuals with chronic illnesses and rare diseases across Dekalb County Ga.  Her vision lines up with her purpose and moves toward solutions to health inequalities. Her forward-thinking lines up with the innovative culture of person-centered care. Cynthia believes real change starts with hearing the voices of the people living with the illness and rare diseases, which is the first step to addressing critical health disparities.  She says that the community has a responsibility to each other. Cynthia feels it’s imperative to listen to the community and their needs and empower these individuals so they can take ownership of their health outcomes. Cynthia is currently a JCBO with the Sickle cell consortium.

Cynthia spent her entire career as a nurse and is currently working on her Master’s in Public Health, all while continuing to work on health equity. Her passion lines up with her purpose: to influence policy for positive change in minority health and health outcomes while eradicating stigma and creating a more equitable healthcare system inclusive of those living with chronic illness and disease.  She will continue her efforts to lead and advocate as a staple in minority health.


Andre Moorer –Managing Director

My advocacy and personal experience with SSD begin with my wife Cynthia and me. We cared for my son Andre Jr from his birth in 1983 until his passing in 2022. He was diagnosed with SSD at 6 months old. I have experienced multiple hospitalizations, transfusions, emergency room visits, pain crises, and pain management with my son. There have been multiple issues with emergency room visits including long waits, poor treatment, stigmatization, discrimination, lack of knowledge on behalf of the nurses and doctors, bad pain management, and being admitted when needed. Over the years, some of these barriers to care have improved, but we still have a long way to go! The conversation has to happen, and changes need to be made in order for patients with SSD to reach their full potential! My wife and I are advocates for SSD, mental health, substance abuse, homelessness, and the health disparities and social determinants of health that lead to inequity. We are both graduates of Leadership Dekalb and Morehouse School of Medicine’s Dr. Satcher community health leadership program. We also recently started a nonprofit organization called Discovering Moorer2Life! Our mission is to address the health disparities of young adults with chronic illness within our community in order to help individuals reach their full potential.

I am also closing in on my 9th year of service on the DeKalb CSB board and recently accepted the position of Vice Chair. I also serve on the Finance and Executive compensation committees and the Brighter Dekalb Foundation.   I am a graduate of Leadership Dekalb’s class of 2019 and of Morehouse School of Medicine Dr. Satcher Community Health Leadership Program in 2015. I volunteer for NAMI Dekalb and serve as a partner with the Sickle Cell Consortium of Atlanta. I am honored to be a part of the Advisory Board regarding Sickle Cell Disease.  I have lived in Dekalb county for 25 years. In my professional life, I am a business/owner-operator. Thanks

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