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Cynthia Moorer is a seasoned Nurse with Emory Healthcare and holds a Bachelor of Science degree with
a focus on Minority Health. She is the Founder and Executive Director of Discoveringmoorer2life, an
emerging non-profit community-based organization (CBO) with its mission to design essential,
comprehensive programs and services that will enhance the lives of minorities who live with chronic
illnesses and rare diseases. Discovermoorer2life honors the legacy of Andre Moorer, Jr. who lived 36
years with Sickle cell disease.

Cynthia is a mother and Advocate for 3 of her 4 adult children that all live with chronic Illnesses. She has
spent her life advocating for Sickle Cell Disease, Mental Illness, and Breast Cancer. Her passion, story,
and life experiences as a nurse drive her commitment, determination, and perseverance to change
chronic illness trajectories within communities of color. Her spiritual connection with God has guided
her through life’s journey.

Cynthia is a Visionary and focuses on solutions to end health inequality. Her forward-thinking lines up
with innovative research. Cynthia believes building community-based partnerships (CBP) is the first step
to addressing critical health disparities within communities. She says, ‘Iron Sharpens Iron.’ Her passion
aligns with her purpose: to influence policy through evidenced-based practices for positive health
outcomes in those with chronic illnesses and rare diseases.

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